This website, Vegan Grammie Annie will help you to identify and  dispel the myths surrounding our long held meat eating culture and traditions. If you are not vegan and feel curious,  fearful or even defensive about the ethical choices people are continuing to make about being and living vegan, you will find some insightful information about what being vegan really means in today’s society.

Compassionate Consumption

Compassionate Consumption

If you are already vegan, you will  be able to fine tune, with kindness and compassion, your commitment to living joyously as a vegan in a non vegan world.


Compassionate Connection

Dialogues about health and the food we eat, advocacy, families of all species, the environment, the nonhuman animal industry and the importance of language will reflect the belief that clarity, not condemnation paves the road to a Vegan World.  Living  life in harmony with and respect for all the beings on this earth is a journey of discovery open to all! You are invited to join in!

May all beings be happy and free.


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Kadatz Evasive in CBC Interview about 4 Horses Dead at The Calgary Stampede!

Kurt Kadatz 06

The idea for my post about The Calgary Stampede came from my friend and fellow vegan, Karen Messier.  She is a passionate supporter of the  rights of nonhuman animals  and she becomes particularly and justifiably indignant when it comes to other species being used for the supposed entertainment of humans. She calls it a rant and it is here that I beg to differ with her. Depending on the online dictionary one chooses  to check, a rant can be classified …