Anne E. McGuigan

Anne E. McGuigan

This website, Vegan Grammie Annie will help you to identify and dispel the myths surrounding veganism, animal agriculture and all of the various industries which profit from the enslavement of other species on this earth.

Dialogues centre on the objectification of animals for use as commodities  and include effective methods of advocacy and activism. You will also find articles about families of all species, health, the food we eat and all the products we buy and use in our daily lives, the environment, as well as the importance of language. There will be coverage of current events related to veganism, authors who write about vegan issues, advocates, activists and vegan and non vegan businesses,. All views will reflect the belief that clarity, not condemnation paves the road to a Vegan World.

If you are not vegan and feel curious, fearful or even defensive about the ethical choices people are continuing to make about being and living vegan, you will find some insightful information about what being vegan really means in today’s society.

If you are already vegan, you will be able to fine tune, with kindness and compassion, your commitment to actively advocating for our fellow beings and to living as a vegan in a non-vegan world.

Living life in harmony with and respect for all the beings on this earth is a journey of justice and ethics for all humans. We are one voice, standing in unity with and for the animals.

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KnockOut: Slave of the Calèche (Carriage) Industry in Old Montréal

Knock Out and a Friend

The only being who was not a willing participant in the Anti-Calèche (Carriage) demonstration this past Sunday in Vieux Montreal, is KnockOut, the horse. He is a  handsome, large fellow, weighing in at 1800 pounds. Judging from his golden coat and whitish mane, I would hazard a guess that KnockOut is a Palomino.

He arrived about half an hour after the protestors who, equipped with their signs, determination and fervor, began to congregate at Place Vauquelin, situated in the heart of …